Hello Northgate family, Pastor Evan here! I want to let you know about a few adjustments that we’re making this week.

We have recently discovered that there are a couple of COVID positive cases within our staff and the community of Northgate. We want to be aware and cautious around this. We have a number of events coming up this week, including Parent’s Night Out, Youth, and Young at Heart in the Comox Valley. As well as two Welcome Parties, one in the Comox Valley and one in Port Alberni. For this week, we’re going to postpone all of those. We want to be cautious around the spread of COVID-19 - not out of fear, but out of diligence, caution, and care for those who are most vulnerable in this time.

Also, this Sunday we will be going online. Our Port Alberni, Comox Valley, and Courtenay locations will all be online, rather than in person. We’d love for you to join us online this week. We hope that you can be praying with us for those affected by COVID-19 and partner with us in being as diligent as we can, caring for those who are sick. Whether or not it’s COVID, we want to care for those who are sick. Whether or not it’s COVID, we want to be good stewards of what God has given us. So we’re just going to be a little cautious this week. Some of our staff are sick and at home, and we just want to be mindful of that.

Let’s take a week, let’s pray, let’s seek Jesus, and let’s continue to believe for great and amazing things happening throughout Northgate.

We’ll reassess this as the week goes on and we see how things are progressing.

We love you we’re so thankful for you, thankful that you’re part of this with us. Let’s be diligent together and care for our communities. See you online this week!