Thrive is the youth ministry of Northgate Church. At Thrive, our mission is all about connection. We want students to find a safe place to connect with other students, with leaders who care about them, the Church, and most importantly, with God. Our leaders love to hang out with students, and we do everything we can to keep Thrive a fun and safe place to be.

Throughout the year we have summer events, retreats, and our very own youth conference, called Consumed. Click HERE to check out the Consumed website!


Due to COVID-19 we cannot meet at our physical location, but will still be meeting online.

Grades 6-7:

Every Wednesday from 7-8pm, we hold Zoom Hangouts. Zoom is a video conferencing platform that we have adapted to since the beginning of COVID-19. In the Zoom Hangout, Moses shares a devotional, and have a game. Within the Zoom call, we also gather students into small groups where they can connect with each other and carry discussions on the devotional. Click HERE for our Zoom link.

Grades 8-12:

Every Wednesday at 7pm, we go LIVE on Instagram for our high school students. This is where Josh hosts an interactive game and sermon. After the Instagram Live, students and leaders gather into Small Groups for a time of discussion on the sermon and connection. Click HERE for our Instagram link.

To get your youth connected:

In addition to our weekly Zoom and Instagram Hangouts, we have other social media engagements. We have content out on our social media platforms almost everyday of the week from devotionals to challenges for students to engage in. Click HERE to access all the links you need for your youth!

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More Information

For more info about any upcoming events, news posts or our program in general, contact us and we'll get back to you ASAP.