It's common because it's not only for the elite or the most highly educated, but for everyone, and it's college because you'll learn something.  We have a growing variety of classes that are offered to all who would like to learn.  Topics include Bible, Prayer, Finances, Marriage, Parenting and Work.  All will help you develop a Christian worldview from the Bible and for your life.

In September and January each year, we start a new semester of Common College: Old Testatement, Book of John, and How To Read Your Bible. First one starts at 6 pm in the Upper Room.

We are currently hosting three courses about the Bible. We encourage all people that are interested in the Bible or growing their relationship with God to consider these courses.

  • The Book Of John - 6pm - Monday - Christel Davidsen
  • How To Read Your Bible - 6pm - Tuesday - Joy Tansky
  • Old Testament - 7:30pm - Tuesday - Evan Allnutt

If interested please let us know at the information desk on Sunday or at the office during the week. All courses are now $25 dollars per class to cover cost of materials.