Northgate Internship Program

Northgate Internship Program

Comox Valley, BC

VISION: We envision a changed Valley, nation, and world.

MISSION STATEMENT: Identified, developed, and sent to change the Valley, our nation, and our world.


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Northgate Internship Program exists to identify, develop, and send young leaders of character who are passionate about Jesus and His Church. This 10 month program is designed to give young adults (ages 18-25) a comprehensive view of the bible, local church ministry, and both local and global mission.

In an age of moral relativity, materialism, and biblical illiteracy we partner with local churches and Christian educational institutions across the country in raising up young adults of integrity who know what it means to live a life of sacrifice, in true submission to Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit and a thorough understanding of God.

We believe that nothing can stop a generation of leaders who are passionate about the mission of Jesus, understand the love of God, and are equipped to lead others to do the same!


September 2017 - June 2018



Northgate Foursquare Church is located in Courtenay, BC. Courtenay sits in the heart of the beautiful Comox Valley. Caught between the west coast of Vancouver Island and Mt. Washington, the Comox Valley offers a plethora of recreational activities, as well as breathtaking views at all hours of the day!


Tuition = $7,000


Room & Board

Each out-of-area intern will be assigned a host family for the duration of the internship. They will be provided with food & lodging, and have the opportunity to experience doing life with one of the many awesome families of our church!


Students will be provided with the materials to complete two accredited online Bible College courses, as well as other resources throughout the year.


Throughout the year, we will embark on a number of outings with the interns. These are all included in the cost for the year.

Missions Trip

The cost of the year-end missions trip is built right into the cost of the internship. No hidden fees!

Starter Kit

You can’t experience Vancouver Island without the right equipment! Every intern will receive a top-of-the-line starter kit to help prepare them for some of the adventures that they will experience throughout the year.


Get real-time experience of what it is like to be in local church ministry! Interns will spend 25-30 hours a week working alongside the Northgate staff, leading in various capacities, and hosting exciting events at the church. Whether it is praise & worship, creative arts ministries, student ministries, or outreach coordination the interns will experience all aspects of what ministry can be like. Each intern will be placed in one of the following ministry areas based on passions and giftings:

  • Youth and Young Adults
  • Family and Kids
  • Social Mercy
  • Worship
  • Production
  • Administration


Interns will complete two fully accredited Bible College courses throughout the year, as well as work through several resources relating to God, the Church, and ministry. They will also undergo one-on-one mentorship with one of the pastors from the Northgate staff.


Interns will participate in retreats, conferences, and leadership development endeavors in order to be sharpened and grown as leaders.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go surfing and snowboarding in the same day? Come join us, and it could happen! Students will experience everything Vancouver Island has to offer. From mountain biking, to snowboarding, to surfing, to hiking, to fishing on the ocean, we do it all!


Get your passport ready! To finish off the year, interns will head off on a 20 day missions trip overseas, where they will experience a new culture and get a taste of what it’s like to live life on the mission field.

Apply to join us this fall.

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Application Deadline: August 22, 2017. Upon acceptance, an enrolment deposit fee of $100 must be in before this date as well.


Apply for the out-of-province bursary for here. Deadline for bursary eligibility is August 22, 2017. 


Still have questions?

Please let us know if you have any other questions about the program. We'd love to chat with you!